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Coppertop Butterfly Houses by Hatteras House are  handcrafted.  Each product is individually made and is one of a kind. You will see and feel the attention and efforts  we put in each of our products and know that you are purchasing our very best. Each product is special to us and leaves our shop only after we believe we have given you the best.. Their design and construction techniques are inspired by those found along the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

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Looking for something unique for yourself or a special person? How about a coppertop handcrafted butterfly house. A cozy little home for the butterflies that would look great in the yard, garden or flowerbed. These houses are specifically designed for butterflies with the construction of narrow openings and the use of bright colors, or the more conservative and classic white house. These homes can be mounted on a pole or can be attached to a fence or other flat surface. It makes a beautiful accent to any yard or garden. It measures 19" tall by 6" wide and is made from solid wood with real copper roofs and cedar trim. These houses comes with a 15" post included in the price and is easy to setup. Houses are hinged in the back for easy access for cleaning or placing food to attract plenty of beautiful butterflies .

Butterfly Houses....Many Colors

Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over....

It became a butterfly!

Butterfly House     Classic White

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